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Revolutionizing Feminine Wellness with Morpheus8 V

Welcome to Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled medical expertise. We’re proud to introduce Morpheus8 V, a revolutionary treatment in feminine wellness, led by the esteemed Dr. Mickey Karram. This advanced procedure offers a non-invasive solution for vaginal rejuvenation, including the treatment of mild stress urinary incontinence. Dr. Mickey Karram’s Expertise […]

Why Hollywood is Going Crazy Over Tri-Modality Skin Tightening

In the dazzling realm of Hollywood, where the quest for eternal beauty is relentless, a new star has risen in the world of aesthetic treatments: Dr. David Matlock’s Tri-Modality Skin Tightening Technique. Developed at the prestigious Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa, this innovative procedure has become the talk of Tinseltown, especially after reality star Kim […]

The Elite Mommy Makeover Experience


Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa stands as a paragon of excellence in cosmetic surgery, offering transformative Mommy Makeover experiences. This renowned facility is home to an elite team of surgeons: Dr. Andrew Ordon, Dr. Dan Yamini, and Dr. David Matlock, each bringing their unique expertise to provide bespoke […]

The New Era Of Weight Management

In the dynamic world of health and aesthetics, a groundbreaking shift in weight management is taking place. Leading this transformation is Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa, a beacon of wellness where they are using state-of-the-art medications such as Ozempic, Mounjaro, and more are not just tools for weight reduction; they are integral to a comprehensive […]

Lumecca: The Celebrity Secret to Flawless Summer Skin

Welcome to the sun-kissed world of Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa, where we reveal the celebrity secret to flawless summer skin – Lumecca. This advanced IPL and Laser treatment is the key to maintaining radiant, youthful skin even during the sunny months. The Lumecca Experience: Lumecca is more than just a skin treatment; it’s a […]

Revitalize Your Appearance with Renuvion J-Plasma

Renuvion J-Plasma is not just a procedure; it’s a revolution in skin rejuvenation. This advanced technology uniquely blends radiofrequency (RF) energy with helium plasma to create a dual thermal effect. The RF energy generates controlled heat, precisely targeting the treatment area. In tandem, the helium plasma acts swiftly to cool the area, minimizing discomfort and […]

Embracing the Luxury of Laser: DiolazeXL at Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa

Discover the luxury of flawless skin with DiolazeXL at Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa. This advanced laser hair removal technology is a game-changer in the beauty industry, offering a path to effortlessly smooth, hair-free skin. The DiolazeXL Experience: DiolazeXL stands out for its effectiveness in providing long-lasting hair removal solutions. Unlike traditional methods, it targets […]

EmpowerRF: Revolutionizing Women’s Wellness with Dr. Mickey Karram

Step into the world of Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa, where groundbreaking treatments meet unparalleled expertise. We’re proud to introduce EmpowerRF, a life-changing therapy for women’s wellness, guided by the renowned urogynecologist, Dr. Mickey Karram. Dr. Mickey Karram’s Expertise: Dr. Karram, an internationally acclaimed urogynecologist and pelvic surgeon, brings his extensive experience to EmpowerRF treatments. […]

Revitalize Your Look with Forma: The Ultimate in Skin Rejuvenation

At Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa, we’re proud to offer Forma, a cutting-edge solution for skin rejuvenation. This non-invasive treatment is the latest trend in celebrity circles, offering a path to radiant, youthful skin. Why Choose Forma? Forma stands out for its ability to deliver exceptional skin rejuvenation. Whether you’re looking to reduce the appearance […]

Transforming Ozempic Booty: The Tri-Modality Approach to Skin Tightening

Welcome to Visthetic Surgery Institute & MedSpa, where innovative solutions meet individual beauty needs. In the wake of the rising popularity of Ozempic for weight loss, a new aesthetic concern has emerged: “Ozempic Booty.” This term refers to the skin relaxation and drooping of the buttocks experienced by many after significant weight loss. Our clinic […]