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Breast Implant Revision

Breast revision surgery

Breast revision surgery is an outpatient procedure that involves the removal and replacement
of breast implants. The exact process varies depending on the reason for the revision, which
could include a change in breast size, capsular contracture, implant rippling, implant malposition, 
or a desire for implant removal. The goal of the aesthetic plastic surgeon is to achieve the most 
beautiful and natural-looking results with the least amount of scarring, making the surgical
experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

Am I a good candidate for breast revision surgery?

Candidates for breast revision surgery are those who are not satisfied with their current implants due to various reasons. These could include a desire to change the implant size, visible or palpable rippling of the implants, poorly positioned breasts due to improperly created implant pockets, or a desire to have the implants removed altogether. Additionally, those who need to elevate the position of their nipples and areolas may also be candidates for this surgery.

What is postoperative recovery like?

The postoperative recovery process is not explicitly detailed in the source. However, it’s generally understood that recovery from breast revision surgery may involve some discomfort, swelling, and bruising, which can be managed with prescribed medications. The exact recovery timeline can vary based on the specifics of the surgery and the individual’s healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the surgeon place my breast implants?

The placement of the new breast implant depends on multiple factors, including your anatomy and your original breast implant placement. The implant can be placed either underneath the pectoral muscle or on top of it. Each option has its pros and cons, which should be discussed with your surgeon.

What type of breast implants are there?

There are several types of breast implants to choose from if you’re not satisfied with your original ones. These include saline-filled breast implants, structured saline-filled breast implants, silicone gel-filled breast implants, and cohesive gel silicone gel-filled breast implants (also known as “gummy bear” or “form-stable” implants). The choice of implant type, size, and shape typically comes down to personal preference and the surgeon’s opinion.