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Matthew Onassis


Meet Matthew Onassis

Your Trusted Aesthetic-Trained Nurse Practitioner

Elevate your aesthetic experience with Matthew Onassis, a highly skilled Nurse Practitioner specializing in anti-aging and aesthetics. Matthew boasts an impressive academic journey, having earned his undergraduate degree from the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles, and achieving Summa Cum Laude honors at West Coast University, where he solidified his foundation in the sciences.

Continuing his commitment to excellence, Matthew pursued and successfully obtained his master’s degree in nursing from West Coast University, demonstrating his dedication to staying at the forefront of his field. His academic prowess serves as a testament to his unwavering pursuit of knowledge and expertise in aesthetic procedures.

Matthew Onassis takes pride in his ability to tackle new challenges head-on, consistently exploring innovative ways to address complex aesthetic procedures. He remains at the forefront of advancements by actively participating in global training sessions and attending esteemed medical and aesthetic conferences. Through these engagements, he collaborates with internationally renowned colleagues, ensuring that his clients receive the latest in cutting-edge technology and techniques.

As a sought-after practitioner in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, Matthew combines his academic achievements with practical experience, delivering unparalleled results in anti-aging and aesthetics. With a dedication to ongoing education and a commitment to excellence, Matthew Onassis, NP, is your trusted partner in achieving aesthetic goals.

Discover the art of timeless beauty with Matthew Onassis – where expertise meets innovation

Education & Board Certification

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Registered Nurse


Your Best Life Medical Group
Co-Founder and RN
Southern California (OC + Los Angeles area)
(2020 – Present)

Nurse Matthew’s Most Requested Services

Morpheus8 Treatments
Sclerotherapy (Vein removal)
Morpheus8 Body Treatments
Women’s Health Optimization