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Natasha Mandelman


Meet Nurse Natasha

Natasha specializes in helping her clients feel and look their best from the inside out

Natasha is a Registered Nurse who has been working with the some of the most well known Board
Certified Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles, California for the past 12 years.

During this time she has trained and become skilled in administering many types of highly requested
aesthetic treatments, in addition to helping many patients in her role as a surgical nurse.

In 2015 she began specializing in Sclerotherapy Injections, mastering the art of evaluating and injecting
spider veins. In addition to her work in the clinics and at the surgery centers, Nurse Natasha is also the
co-owner of her medical concierge medical group, offering a variety of services (IV Fluid Therapy,
Vitamin Nutrition Injections, Concierge Bloodwork testing and Botox) to a broad range of patients,
from factory workers to high profile celebrities.

She is extremely dedicated to all of her patients and achieves a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment
knowing that she has assisted them in achieving the best possible outcomes so that they can live their
best lives. Nurse Natasha always strives for excellence and understands the importance of making sure
the medical experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Education & Board Certification

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Registered Nurse


Your Best Life Medical Group
Co-Founder and RN
Southern California (OC + Los Angeles area)
(2020 – Present)

Nurse Natasha’s Most Requested Services

Morpheus8 Treatments
Sclerotherapy (Vein removal)
Morpheus8 Body Treatments
Women’s Health Optimization